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Serve your neighbors and support your local community.

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Encourage one another and engage with Redemption.

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Intentional ideas to keep Jesus central in your home.


Serve your neighbors and support

your local community.


Initiative | Neighbor Notes

Write a handwritten note to your neighbor. If you don't know your neighbors, now is a great time to meet them. Let them know you are available to help meet any needs. It is important to love your neighbors well. This is an intentional way to be available for your neighbors, and may open the door for future conversations about Jesus. 

Example: "Hey [neighbor], hope you all are doing well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! [Name and Number]

Tip: The Next-door App is a great way to identify and connect with neighbors in and around your neighborhood.

Other Ways To Serve Our City

Feed The Hungry | You can get involved with places like Feeding America, Kid's Food Basket, and Hand2Hand

Healthcare Workers | Who do you know that is on the front lines? You can encourage them with a text, take them a meal, run an errand, or provide childcare for them. 

Local Businesses | Support your favorite and local businesses. When you do, tip big! Post to social media in support of that business and write a positive review. You can also buy gift cards to hand out to others. 

Workplace | Contact your employer and see how you can take care of hourly workers. 

Schools | Contact your kid's school to help address any needs of other families. This could be things like food, clothing, supplies, etc. 

Give Blood | If you are healthy, donate your blood for others. You can contact places like the Red Cross to get started. 


Encouraging one another and

engaging with Redemption Church.


Initiative | Check-ins

Daily call someone from our church or your small group to 'check-in'. Encourage them, asking how they are doing and how you can pray for them. See if there are any needs. Share an encouraging Bible verse. 

Other Ways To Serve Our Church

Pray | Pray for Redemption, the pastors and elders, your small group members, and that the Gospel will advance in West Michigan through our church.

Engage | Attend our services or watch and interact with our online gatherings. You can participate by sharing a prayer request, a Bible verse, or a truth you have been encouraged by recently. 

Elderly | Care for the elderly in our church. Offer to pick up groceries, medications, and other necessities. Remind them they are not alone. 

Errands | Before going out to get groceries, text a few people from our church or your small group to see if they need anything. You can pick it up for them and drop if off on their doorstep. 


Intentional ideas to keep Jesus

central in your home.


Initiative | Home Devotions

It's important to display our faith in our homes. An easy way to demonstrate our faith and point our family to Jesus is by opening up God's Word. Take fifteen minutes to read the Bible together and pray as a family. 

Example: It could be as simple as picking a passage of the Bible, reading it together, and talking about how it points to Jesus. To end, pray for one another. 

Other Ways To Engage At Home

RightNow Media | Commit to watching a study or series together. After each segment, share what you liked most. Always make this moment personal, authentic, and about Jesus! If you don't have access to RightNow Media yet, you can get started HERE

Parenting | Contact your campus pastor for additional parenting resources. 

Marriage | You can access a lot of good marriage resources from RightNow Media together. Our pastors are available with additional marriage resources and for counseling as well. Simply contact us at

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