Since the beginning of Redemption Church, we have been about the mission of connecting people to Jesus for life change. We believe Jesus changes everything. The elders have carefully and prayerfully considered opportunities to have a greater impact in our city when it comes to the Gospel saturating West Michigan. We are excited to announce that Redemption Church will be launching a second campus in Grand Rapids coming in the Spring of 2019!

As Pastor Josh explained on Vision Sunday, there is an amazing opportunity to take the Gospel to the heart of our city. God has been incredibly faithful to Redemption Church and we believe He will continue to do more than we think or imagine in Grand Rapids. This is an exciting time to be a part of Redemption Church. God is on the move! Our prayer is that you would join us in celebrating this huge step forward in seeing a city redeemed

With any step forward, we know there are questions you may have regarding the Grand Rapids campus. We took some time to answer some of those questions here. We want to do everything we can to keep you informed as we look forward to our launch in the Spring of 2019!

Is Redemption Church permanently moving from Grandville to Grand Rapids? 

No, Redemption Grandville  will continue to meet at TriUnity Christian School. A second, new Redemption campus will launch in Grand Rapids in the Spring of 2019. 

Why is Redemption Church planting a second campus? 

We believe there are more people who need to hear about the Good News of Jesus. God's going a great work at Redemption Church and we've seen Him open up the doors to plant a second campus in Grand Rapids. Our prayer is that many more people will have an opportunity to be connected to Jesus for life change as a result of Redemption Grand Rapids. 

How will Redemption staff move forward logistically with the Grand Rapids campus? 

Redemption Church has purchased a church building to launch the new Grand Rapids location. Matt Thompson will be transitioning to the role of Campus Pastor in Grand Rapids. Redemption Church will be hiring one of our current elders, Justin Kemmerer, to be the Campus Pastor in Grandville. Funding for this new staff position has been raised through outside gifts to Redemption Church.

How does the Grand Rapids campus affect a future permanent home for 

Redemption Grandville? 

The elders continue to  actively look for a permanent home for Redemption Grandville. The new Grand Rapids campus does not sideline our continued search for a permanent home for the Redemption Grandville. 

What is the timeline for the Grand Rapids campus? 

This Fall and Winter season will be a time of preparation. Vision cast meetings, worship and prayer nights, community outreach events and building a core team are all important elements in launching this second campus. The projected launch of Redemption Grand Rapids will be this coming Spring of 2019.

How can I get involved?

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in launching the Grand Rapids Campus. Whether it's being a part of the launch team or volunteering your time, every contribution helps us get one step closer to seeing a city redeemed. Click the button below to express your interest in the Grand Rapids Campus. Let us know how you'd like to contribute to launching the Grand Rapids Campus.