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Seth and Taylor Springs

Seth and Taylor have been through a lot together, especially in the last couple of years. Both experienced a broken past and found hope and redemption through Jesus. This past year they experienced the tragic loss of several miscarriages. Over and over again God revealed Himself to Seth and Taylor. As Seth and Taylor plant Transformation Church in Waterford, we know their story will be a powerful witness to God's redemptive work. 

Jammie Hernandez

What a work God has done in Jammie's life. Being a collegiate athlete, Jammie was met with unexpected injuries. Her injuries as well as other unexpected news caused her to really wrestle with anger, bitterness, self-worth and identity. As Jammie surrendered her suffering to the Lord, she found herself surrounded by her small group who shared their brokenness as well and pointed her to the Gospel and hope of Jesus. 

Kevin and Mary Carmody

Kevin and Mary received a phone call that would change their lives forever. Their son, Drew, suffered a 'widow maker' heart attack at the age of 27, being just 9 months married to his wife, Julia. In the midst of heartbreak, pain and tragedy, Kevin and Mary share how God's peace comforted them in loss. They chose to trust God because they knew He was present during this time in their life. As they wrestle through tragedy, it is clear Kevin and Mary are living in the hope and peace Jesus provides. 

Cassandra Carrillo

What an amazing story of God's faithful love. Cassandra's story involves a lot of family pain. Despite the pain, God is moving, is at work and has proven Himself to be faithful. Cassandra learns what it means to be brought into God's family on account of Jesus' love for her. Her past does not define who she is, Jesus defines who she is. Nothing can separate the love Jesus has for those who belong to Him. 

Aaron and Jillian Vanderzon

On the verge of divorce, Aaron and Jillian thought they had reached the end of their marriage. Aaron struggled with personal sin that threatened to destroy everything. But as Aaron ran, God pursued him. In a difficult situation, Jesus broke through and began to heal and restore what seemed lost. Aaron and Jillian look back at all God has done within their relationship - to restore and to redeem. Now, they look forward to all that God continues to do in and through their marriage. 

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